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  1. I think ya better call Tyrone (Call Him) And Tell him come on, Help you get your Shit (Come On, Come on) You need to Call Tyrone (Call Him) And tell him I said come on Now everytime I ask you for a little cash You say no and turn right around and ask me for some ass Oh, Well hold up Listen partna I ain't no cheap thrill.
  2. I think ya better call Tyrone (call him) And tell him come on, help you get your shit (Come on, come on, come on) You need to call Tyrone (call him) And tell him I said come on [Verse 2].
  3. call tyrone When a male is behaving badly and we wimmin folk have no interest in cleaning up the damn mess, it’s time to call Tyrone. Let the menz deal with their creation. In the rare instance that there’s a pro-feminist male around, he’s Tyrone.
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  5. UFC fighter Colby Covington received a special call from President Trump during a post-match interview after beating rival Tyron Woodley by way of .
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  8. Sep 20,  · Colby Covington got a congratulatory call from Donald Trump after he finished Tyron Woodley in the fifth round of a UFC fight Saturday. The American wrestler rebounded from a huge knockout loss to Kamaru Usman last year to best Woodley at the weekend's behind-closed-doors UFC Vegas 11 show.

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